Friday, July 31, 2009

Inspiring, isn't it? This bis a picture of one of the yarn walls at A Verb For Keeping Warm in Berkley (Oakland?) Isn't it inspiring? Rumor is that they use all natural dyes. Their stuff is even lovlier in person - I know, I went and mooshed my face against it (as one should do with all good yarn)

This picture sums up everything that is bad about the 80s coming back. Plastic glasses with stripes cut into them? How do those function as sunglasses? Really? You're not fooling anyone, Target. These glasses may convince you that you can be cool, but you will still be the dork who Molly Ringwald DOESN'T date but gives a pity dance to at the end of the movie. Yeah, you know the one. This is proof that the color red cannot solve all fashion disasters.

And now that this bit o'lace has been mailed to and received by its new owner - I can post it. This was made from a friend's stash that she had to part with based on the fact that she could no longer crochet. The pattern was taken from a button up shawl that turns into a shrug that I found in a magazine. Simple, mindless, 4 rows and every other is a purl row. boring.

I am for crap at updating this thing - I'll try to make it to at least once a week.



(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Damn. I thought those red stripey glasses were going to be the thing that finally made me cool...

Anonymous said...

Just finished the same pattern as on your blog--Vogue 2005. I found the same pattern in the spring/summer 1960 Vogue magazine.
Used the pattern to make an afghan.