Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tour de Fleece!

Well, here are my first Tour De Fleece 2009 pictures. The pinks are Crown Mountain Fibre's Susie Q colorway. I spun this on the 4th of July Weekend. It's a three ply sock yarn. If I did my math right, it is just under 300 yds. I have a little bit more of it to spin up and ply before it's gone.

The Black/Purple mix is cormo that I managed to get at the Retslaff Winery Spin-In. I want to say it was Sue Roiser's, but I think that I'm wrong about that. I'm pretty sure it was another vendor, but I can't remember which. I have more roving from the same vendor, though, so I'll be able to pull the tag off of some of that when I get to it. This is a two ply fingering weight. I've already made two skiens, and have at least two more to go - this, I think, is the end of my tour de fleece goal. It should take me the rest of the 'tour to get it done.

Now, what is this knitting thing? I think I used to know what it was, but it's been so long that I must have forgotten!


Jasmin said...

You are correct- the vendor is Sue Reuser, breeder of AMAZING cormos.

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Nice! Love that Susie-Q.