Saturday, July 18, 2009


What? who are these people and where are they? Well, it's on of my good friends and the knitmoregirls. We went to LACIS today, the "Museum of Lace," if you will.

Now, I'm not going to say anything about who spent how much.........ahem. But LACIS made it's siren song VERY appealing to at least one of the people pictured in this post. I spent my fair share......but I did not "win" the it were.

More pictures and more posts another time, I promise!!

And what's this? Hair Jewelry. Seriously. Go check out Gail Carriger's blog (you can google it. it's ok, I'll wait). A month or two ago, she posted tons of pictures and some information about victorian hair jewelry. It's fascinating to me. The idea of taking human hair and creating keepsakes of this sort is a really beautiful, if maybe eerie, idea. LACIS is keeping it's 1890's clothing exhibit one more week - if you can get to Berkley (California, USA), I recommend visiting them. It's free - unless you buy things (and you may!)

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