Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Ability takes more than a fancy gadget

See that? That's my fancy new camera! All of those great projects I did in January that I haven't posted pictures of are in there! Just one little problem..............the cords are in safe in the box at home and my work computer has no port for the memory card. D'Oh!

So, my lovelies, you will all have to wait until I:
1. Get home
2. Find the box with the cords
3. Get the wherewithal to do a transfer of the pictures

Now, let's make no mistake - I may have an awesome camera from my fantastic fiancee. I may have taken a bunch of pictures with it already. It might have lots of bells and whistles. My best friend may be a photographer extrordinaire..........(extraneous ellipses!)............ BUT I am really really bad at taking pi-chers. I tell you this, my friend, not as a way to denigrate or belittle myself, but as a warning.I'm setting expectations. Afterall, look at that amazing little camera! With a tool like that, some of my friends could win an award - me....well, I still have trouble keeping the camera still or my thumb out of the shot. 

Consider yourself warned.

And now on to some knitting content! I just started the heel flap of a pair of socks for myself this morning! Woooo-hooo! I've decided that I need to have at least 14 pairs of hand knit socks (hopefully more) in order to be able to use only those and not have to supplement with other, lesser socks. I'm not sure how many pairs I have, but I am at least 68.3% sure I don't have 14 pairs yet. So, the socks-for-me campaign has commenced. I am also thinking about launching a sweaters-for-me campaign. I may have reached my limit of selfless knitting for the time being. I just want to have some things that I knit that I also get to keep, you know? If this sounds selfish, I'll politely wait until after I post the stats from January before allowing you to submit your final opinion.

~ Miss K

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