Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finishuary continued!

So, these pictures are a little late - I finished this stuff last week (If you'd believe it!) That's one cowl in progress up there. Very nice! It's the spirogyra pattern (you can find it on knitty and ravelry) but adapted to a cowl size. The yarn is Zauberball. It's lovely, and a follow-up to a set of wrist warmers that I made for the same woman last year - or was that 2 year ago. Secretly, it's already done, but I don't have a finished pic of it that's decent, so you get what you pay for - what I already had in my phone. :)

And what is this?  This is an adorable pair of non-preemie baby booties! Aren't they cute? The yarn used for these came from the knitmore girls (thanks!) and was given to me Christmas before last as a gift. It was a very awesome gift, too. It was two clear paint cans, one full of sock scraps that said "Proto Bebeh Socks" and an empty one that said "Finished Bebeh Socks." This was for my preemie sock knitting kick. I have already filled up the empty can, but my sock stash, plus extra they gave me after that means that I still have the equivalent of two of the paint cans of yarn left to knit. In the case of these booties and the ones below, I am taking a break from preemie socks and instead knitting booties in an attempt to get some of my friends to have kids.

What can I say? I think they'd be good parents.

And, really, with booties like this, you kind of have to be a rad parent. Right?

What else? Well, I am trying to use Finishuary to finish some squares for a blanket that I've been working on for a few years. It is my longest UFO, but I don't have all the squares I already made - I think there was somewhere between 13 and 20. My goal is to get 5 done in the month of Feburary. I have an ENTIRE BOX of yarn for this blanket - or at least I used to.

Oh, and wedding planning. There are no words. I kinda just want someone else to do it for me. Any takers?

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