Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Check out my WEAVE!

So....I did promise some pictures of my first weaving project, and I'm not one to promise without delivering.  Luckily, my Feff Jasmin helped me out by taking some pictures in her amazing sort of way. You can thank her for the pictures in this post (no really, you can, she's on ravelry as cuteknitter).

First, though, a little run-down!

I learned how to weave last year right after the last day of CNCH (a weaving convention that happened after Stitches West in the exact same convention center) (I am so lucky to live in San Jose!). My Fiance's friend from childhood, Selah, is an awesome weaver, and she graciously spent her evening teaching me how to warp my table loom and explained to me some of the things I could do. Before then, I'd never touched a loom - had never passed a shuttle through threads, and could barely remember what a warp was - and why the heck would I need a leash stick?! Well, since that FATEFUL NIGHT, I have been working slowly but steadily on that scarf.  And, on Saturday, I had the pleasure of taking it off the loom and wearing it for the first time.

I admit - there was some trepedation. This was my first weaving project and I had some big obstacles come up that I was too junior in the craft to deal with extremely well. For example: my warp was noro - a single ply. It broke in a few places, and in one place it broke over and over again. Also, my tension was not uniform (although it was pretty damn close). And, well, I also didn't really understand what I was doing,so I was learning on the fly through trial and error of how the fabric reacted. No doubt, I made some really silly mistakes - but all I saw when I put it on was beauty. I was so tickled that I made this on a loom, something I never thought I'd ever do. I wore it proudly the rest of the day and have worn it to work all week. It kinda makes me wish the weather weren't turning warm again......well, not really, but almost. 

Now I am faced with a dillema. How long and how many ends do I make my next warp which is in a completely different yarn, a silky blue fingering weight? Oh well, I guess I'll figure something out - 'cause I want to weave something else now!

And now, your weaving pr0n:
I don't know what I was thinking in this picture, it's half sass and half head-covering like my ancestors. I can't help but think I should have had my tarot cards out and been offering to tell people's future. Come here, chil. Come close to me, look at the weaving and tell me what you see......


   Ahhhh, this is more like it. See that silky smooth warp? Look at that sweet, soft weft. Actually, I kind of look like I'm marking it like a cat. Mee-ow!

Alright, this one is my favorite for obvious reasons (like me not wearing a bizzarre expression and the fact taht I have it the scarf spread out accross me so you can see what it actually looks like! All in all, this turned out better than I thought it would. Pretty darn spiffy for a first project, if I do say so myself.


Anonymous said...

it's LOVELY. the thing I like best is that it matches your gorgeous hot-pink & black streaks. :D

iggystar said...

I will not be tempted to engage in another hobby no matter how beautiful your very beautiful scarf turned out!