Friday, March 20, 2009

Monogamy in Knittin? How disgusting!

I've somehow managed to become a fairly monogamous knitter in the past month. This is good and bad. While it means that I finished my grandmother's shawl (a congratulations on kicking cancer's butt again gift) and it is out blocking, and also have already almost managed a recycled sari silk market bag for an SOs's mom, it means that the project not currently foremost (the baby sweater) has moved only incrementally closer to completion. I know that the issue with this is that I don't like the yarn. But as this is the correct type of yarn (aka, not going to trip the baby's allergies and is machine washable and drier-safe), I need to stop winching and just get going. I believe there are three pieces to the sweater and I am almost done with the 1st, which leaves me 2 smaller pieces and some finishing only. My goal is to have it done by the end of the month, so long as work doesn't eat me first.

Then, I get to focus full time on the frankensocks. I am in love with them - so it's only fitting that I am making them for someone very cool. This guy seems to appreciate knit gifts, so I won't be as crabby making the largest size and going on forever because he is endowed with large feet as I could be.

In other news, Miss Kalendar got a brand new car. I'll have to go take a picture of her so I can put it up on here. She's GORGEOUS. I am in love with my car - but I'm pretty sure that's a normal American thing to do.

~ Miss K

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