Thursday, January 27, 2011

How I spent my Winter Vacation

 Ok, let's be honest, the title of this entry is entirely misleading .

#1. There was no winter vacation. I worked my normal job, moved house, podcasted, and volunteered every weekend and some weeknights at the dicken's Faire.

But, during rehearsal, sometimes this happened:

Now, don't get me wrong, that didn't happen very often....but if you're at rehearsal, in your victorian undergarments and only half in costume, with a prop and some fancy knee socks and someone hands you a hard cider............well, sometimes you'll be weak.

#2. Did I mention that sometimes I take on knitwear repair for people in my cast? Yeah, I'm a softie. I offer to fix things that people have which are hand knit and falling apart. I started this tradition the year before and fixed someone's favorite sweater. This year, it was two pairs of knit slippers. I do it for free because I love seeing well-loved handmade items get re-furbished so they can be loved some more. The person I mended the slippers for sent me a gift card - sneaky - but it was for YARN! How could I refuse.

#3 Bet you were wondering what happened to that single I had wrapped around my lazy kate that I had spun from all those samples (featured in a couple-a posts back). Well, if you weren't wondering, you don't need to look at the next picture - but you may want to anyway. That's right, an adorable cowl! To be fair,it was only about half of the samples - the other half are stll on the lazy kate, which is keeping me from being able to use it. I suppose I'll have to do something about that soon. 

Isn't it lovely? Nowhere near a color I can wear, though (any of them), so it's sitting in my gift bin until it finds the person it was made for. I thought I'd found her, but it was too itchy for her. What can I say? There is pure wool in this thing - it's going to itch most people. 
And that, my friends, is part of what I did from November - December 2010


Tini said...

You are very generous. People usually want me to fix their zippers in their jeans. NO WAY. I haven't enough time and patience to do that :) I mean, I give these things to a store to be fixed :)

(*cough* you could overdye the cowl *cough*)

Miss Kalendar said...

Hahahaha. So true! But it's so pretty it might kill me to overdye it....then again, if it won't get worn otherwise....