Saturday, January 29, 2011

Who was that masked woman?

Well, not exactly masked, but I am wearing a a bank robber. Although, might I say, if I WERE a bank robber, I would totally be the most comely masked of all bank robbers ever. 

The proof is below:

I almost forgot to blog today....but I did finish the Good Luck Cowl (featured so ingeniously above) (if I do say so myself) (which I think I just did)(although I think it's more like "alluded to"), so that's a plus one for me.


Well, I also decided to purge my personal belongings today and, well, let's just say that one trashbag, and a box for Goodwill later I have a really messy Fiboreum floor and a lot of stuff that I wasn't able to part with. Curse you, beautiful costumes!! But I am working towards just having LESS. It's part of my greening of my life that I've been doing each month. If I can get by with less things (and we know we all can) then I am going to attempt it. Before anyone worries: Yes, the stash is safe. 
And with that, time for bed. Tomorrow is the fiancee's last day before leaving for India and I have a whole 'nother list-o-chores to get through with him so I can send him off right. (and somewhere in there, I really do need to clean my office)

~ Miss K

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