Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Work/Life Balance - A resolution

So, many you may have noticed that I work....a lot. It's not really a problem most of the time. I find my job fulfilling and can usually carve out some time each day to work on something that's important to me - the past month it's been taking about 30-45 minutes each day (yes, I know I am technically entitled to a full hour for lunch and 2 15 minute breaks, but I consider the rest of the time used up checking personal email and the occasional chat with a friend) to take a nice walk outside. As someone who suffers from seasonal mood stuff (very mildly, but it is there), I find that this helps me maintain my cheery disposition in spite of work stress. :) It's been one of the ways I'm trying to make sure I get time for me - that I practice work/life balance. As a workaholic from a family of workaholics, I will run myself into the ground without noticing, and this is what I'm trying to avoid.

However, I overused my poor left achillies tendon from walking during the day and my new workout during the mornings. The new workout wasn't really that hard - just 3 miles on the treadmill on an incline, with about 10 extra pounds on a vest and then another 3-5 miles on the exercise bike....and sometimes 5/5miles or 6/6miles if I had time - but it was enough extra after the past two months of not working out regularly that it "overused" my tendon. I stayed off of it for 3 days (the first break I'd taken), but 2 days after I went back to exercising, the pain was back. Whoops!

So, after meeting with the Dr., I have a mandate to do minimal normal walking for 2 weeks, take aspirin constantly, and ice the darn thing. After that, I'm good to start exercising again, but supposed to work on slowly getting back to where I was. If the pain comes back.....well...let's just say she already wrote the perscription for physical therapy.

Those of you who know me know that my first instinct would be to sleep in now and/or work through the day without real breaks. But wait, I have a NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION to have better work/life balance!

What has filled the time? Well, some knitting and spinning, to be sure. But also, working on my Greek. Remember that? I promised the fiance that if/when we got engaged I would learn Greek to be able to talk to his family and also so we could have bilingual kids. And, believe it or not, the little homebody that I am, I've been spending a lot of time over the weekends away from my wonderful house at events like baby showers and helping friends with their home improvements.

Overall, I think I'm doing ok at the work/life balance thing. I know it will always be a struggle - and, like GI Joe says, knowing is half the battle.

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