Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So here we are again. Seems like this is always the same cycle. I swear that I can't blog, then I blog once but determine I could do it more often, then blog a few more times, then drop it for a few months. By my estimation, we're in the 3rd phase, were I blog a few more times before forgetting.

Guess I'll ride this pony for all it's worth!

Which reminds me - did I ever give an update on the sasquatch socks part 2? In other words, the NaKniSoMo project?  Well, I did finish them in time, in fact, I finished them early, if you'd believe that! Below is a cell-phone picture of one of the pair (I do 2 at a time) being modeled by it's owner next to my leg, wearing a sock that comes up proportionally as far on me as his does on him. See! I wasn't lying!!!  The man's feet are enormous!  You see my knee in the picture - his knee is not next to mine, his knee is like a foot higher up! I will also say that you should probably be impressed I even got this picture - it's very hard to get pictures of the sasquatch, as many nature lovers would attest!

So, well, what else? I wanted to upload more pictures of different projects, but my phone is at home and there is nowhere for my camera's memory card to fit into the computer. so there we are.

Currently, I'm knitting a pair of socks for me out of the same 2 balls I used to make a pair for my mom that I finished last week. Can't decide if I really like the colorway or not. When I post the picture, you'll see what I mean.

Lastly, I podcasted about learning greek in my best Rosetta Stone voice. It is now apparent to all of my listeners why I will never get a job with Rosetta Stone.

That's the update for today. Work/life balance preserved for, although I am working late tonight, I am taking time to post to my blog.

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